Our Profile​

E. Apostolatos & Associates Architects was founded in 1992 by Architect Evangelos Apostolatos who graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1989. To this day, E. Apostolatos maintains an office with associate engineers, mechanical engineers and all the necessary specialists for the complete design and construction of projects.

In its long-term presence in the field of design and construction, E. Apostolatos & Associates Architects prepares architectural studies, issuance of permits, supervision and construction of public and private projects of small and large scale, real estate appraisal, renovations.

Our professionals offer experience and expertise on design- construction- reconstruction on residences, commercial buildings and hotels in Greece.

Our goal is the design and construction of buildings based on customer satisfaction, functionality and upgrading of the urban environment. Particular importance is given to the needs and requirements of the end user that shape the way the work is conceived, designed and shaped with solutions of high aesthetics and strong character. 

The technical office covers the architectural study, the supervision as well as the complete coordination and construction of the works until the completion of the project. Professionals of other specialties such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers work with the team according to the requirements of the project ensuring the quality of life through modern architecture and the application of technological innovations.

In our many years of presence in the field of architecture, our office has studied, completed and constructed a variety of projects, both on small and large scale. Commercial, private projects such as houses and apartments, as well as hotels bear our signature. We are proud not only of the quality of our work but also of its full acceptance by our customers and their visitors. The characteristics that have established us in our field are the dedication to the project purpose, the importance in detail, the absolute satisfaction of the aesthetic and ergonomic needs of the owners and finally, the delivery of a well-designed and executed project.