Public Constructions

Our experience goes beyond the private sector and studies – constructions of private and ommercial buildings. 

Study and construction of public projects are also included in our extended field of work. 

Our Architectural Office offers the required know-how to take over these projects and lead them to a responsible and in-time integration.  

Some of our projects

National Printing House Renovation

Alimos Nursery School

Awarded as the mst functional architectural design for nursery school.

3rd Voula Kindergartent

2nd Voula High School


1SalaminaPrimary School at Vasilika area
2Voula2nd High School of Voula
3AlimosPublic Nursery School of Alimos
4Voula3rd Kindergarten of Voula

Additional Gynecology Clinic at Asklipeio Voulas Hospital

6AthensNational Printing House – Renovation
7AlimosSideroads – Bioclimatic Development
8Agios DimitriosBioclimatic Regeneration – Hiking
9Nea ErithraiaBioclimatic Regeneration – Hiking